Franco Maurina, born in Trento, Italy in 1955, is a multi-media artist with a background in both acoustic and electric instruments.  His work focuses on the physical structure of sound and its relation to movement and the creation of staged imagery.  He studied computer music technology  at the Centro di Sonologia Computazionale at the University of Padova (IT).From the beginning, Maurina was fascinated by the possibility of melding the expressive forms of both theater and dance.  This interest led to the formation of the GRUPPO SUTEDA, which performed at the Festival Korper Bewegungen in Berlin and the Festival of Computer Art Entgenze Grenzen, Graz (AT) in 1986-1987.Immediately afterward he worked with the Teatro Stabile di Bolzano (IT) and the dance companies Ensemble Micha Van Hoecke and Corte Sconta (IT).  In this collaboration, he created original soundscapes and composed concrete and electronic music, favoring the use of real-time systems.Maurina realized that he wanted to explore different aspects of reality, with the ultimate goal being to approach directly other dimensions of perception.  The first study in this series was the short film “Victor”,1997, for which he conceived the idea, wrote the screenplay, and composed the music. It was co-directed with Giuseppe Baresi. “Victor” won first prize at the Riccione TTV festival (IT) and at the Triennale di Milano Invideo (IT). It was chosen for the New Images European Network and presented at the 11° Videofest of Berlin (DE) In 1998, the film was selected for the XXII Festival International du Film d’Art et Pédagogique, Maison De l’Unesco, Paris (FR).

At the same time that Maurina completed commissioned work, he continued to research and experiment with the complex relationship between sound and light.  In the process of this investigation, he developed and built a model of a performing space, in a 1/10 scale, complete with light projectors and audio diffusers.  This marked the beginning of FrameTheatre.

In 2002, Biennale Teatro,Venezia (IT) debuted “La Notte del Quinto Giorno” ( “The Night of the Fifth Day”), an 18-minute  performance in miniature scale, completely automated, inspired by Edgar Allen Poe’s  Ms. Found in a Bottle.

Subsequent presentations of his works include:

2003 – Jours de Fete, Calais (FR)“ La Notte del Quinto Giorno”

2004 – Teatro Stabile di Bolzano (IT) “La Notte del Quinto Giorno”   presented with a second part

2005 – Weber and Weber Art Gallery of Torino (IT). FrameTheatre presented “L’Uomo Sotto I Pianeti” (“A Man Under the Planets”)

2009 – Museo Carponi of Trento, the science museum (IT) commissioned “Laika,” an installation that was exhibited for eight months (IT).

2013 – Son Gallery, Berlin (DE), as  part of the event Langhe  Nacht der Museen “Autoritratto con  Ricordi” ( “Self Portrait with Memories”), hologram-in-motion.

2016 –Centro Servizi Culturali Santa Chiara, Teatro Melotti,Mart, Rovereto (IT) “L’oscurità del Guscio” (“Darkness of the Shell”), a theatrical event in miniature scale with virtual figures.

2017 – “Miniatura N° 2”  Elemento N° 8 from the installation  “L’uomo Sotto I Pianeti …” (“Man under the Planets … Element N 8”)

Franco Maurina’s work is a mixture of technological sophistication and handicraft, a combination that bridges two distinct eras, that of the magic lantern and that of the computer-driven laser projector.