1. Biography Franco Maurina
    MY interest for the physical structure of sound was, initially, the motor behind my work I brought the work and research into theater and dance performances ( with a pararentheses in cinema ) using sound system in real time. As well as my commissioned work, I researched the relation between sound and light which spurred me to build a physical model of a space, in scale of 1/10, complete with light projectors, audio diffusers, etc.useful for the study of the possible combinations between these 2 physical elements. The results obtained broadened my interest for a possible interplay between figurative contemporary art and theatrical expression. Consequently, the creation of FRAME THEATRE, a project which up to now is my major interest.
    EDUCATION 1970-1976
    studies at the Conservatory of Trento
    1976 continuation as an autodidact with a particular interest in the study of guitar and stringed instruments in general
    1978/82 realization of electric stringed instruments to create sound elements that can be managed through resonance
    1983 encounter with computer science studies as an autodidact of programming, starting from the machine language up to evolved languages
    1984/85 courses: Sound and Music Computing at the Centre of Computational Sonology, University of Padova, with Graziano Tisato, Alvise Vidolin and James Dashow.


2017 installation-video “Miniatura n. 2”

2016 installation-show “L’0scurità del guscio”- Teatro melotti – Rovereto – preview
2013 exposition installation“ Autoritratto con ricordi” -Galerie son – Berlin. 2 months exposition. Presented to ” Lange Nacht der Museen” Berlin
2011/2012 Frame Theatre project and realiation “Autoritratto con Ricordi”
2009 Frame Theatre “LAIKA” for 1 person, realized for the Science Museum of Trento, exposition at the Aeronautic Museum Caproni.
8 months exposition

2005 first meeting with an art gallery
Frame Theatre “ l’Uomo Sotto i Pianeti “. art gallery “weber & weber”
Turin, Italy
3 months exposition.

2004 presented the second part of “ La Notte del Quinto Giorno” Teatro Comunale di Bolzano
2002 “La Notte del Quinto Giorno” first exposition of Frame Theatre,
presented at the THEATRE BIENNALE OF VENICE, as the
“first fragment” of an automatic theatre.
Presented at the “Jour de Féte” Calais, France

1999 project and realization Frame Theatre
1997 Double bass and electric music
research and concerts with Paolino Dalla Porta.

1997/98 “Victor” short film. Idea, script and music.
co-direction with Giuseppe Baresi
I° Award TTV Riccione 1998
Selected to represent the event ”invideo” (Triennale-Milano) at the
European festival 1998.
Selected for the final contest of the “XXIIe Festival International
du film d’Art et Pédagogique” – MAISON DE l’ UNESCO- Paris, France 1998.

1991 “Treni D’onda” theatrical event with dance and music in real time. Inauguration “Pergine Spettacolo Aperto” – Teatro Tenda – Pergine (TN).
1987 “Ferraglia”, co-direction Suteda Group, event for computer music and dancer in which the dancer is capable of managing sound parameters in real time.
Inauguration Exposition of Computer Art “Entgrenze Grenzen” – Graz.
Invited at the Theatre/Dance Festival “Korper Bewegungen” – Berlin.

1986 “Corde”, theatrical event with music/images entirely operated by computers in real time. (Theatre/Dance Festival “Korper Bewegungen” – Berlin)


2014 theatre ” la vita che ti diedi ” by Pirandello, direction Marco Bernardi – Teatro Stabile Bolzano – music and sound design
2012 theatre “ le Troiane “ by Euripide, direction Marco Bernardi – Teatro Stabile Bolzano – image and sound design
2010 theatre “Il gabbiano” by Anton Cechov, direction Marco Bernardi – Teatro Stabile Bolzano – 
music and sound design

2009 dance “L’acqua trema” author and direction by Laura Balis – Antonio Calvetti, Compagnia Corte Sconta, sound design
2008 theatre “Danza di morte” by August Strindberg, direction Marco Bernardi – Teatro Stabile Bolzano – sound design
2007 dance “Kol” by Laura Balis. Compagnia Corte Sconta
music and sound design
musical processing

2005 theatre “Enrico IV” William Shakespeare, direction Marco Bernardi – Teatro Stabile Bolzano – 

2002 theatre “Una giornata particolare” film by Ettore Scola, direction Marco Bernardi – Teatro stabil Bolzano – sound setting

2001 cinema “Commesso Viaggiatore” film, direction Francesco Dal Bosco,
music and mix
Invited at the festivals of Berlin, Brisbane, Edinburgh,

2000 cinema “Come Si Fa Un Martini” film, direction Kiko Stella, music
1998/99 teaching sound design and managing sound in real time at the course for theatre technicians at the professional school “L.
Einaudi” – Bolzano

1998 theatre “L’ Arialda” by G. Testori, direction Marco Bernardi -
Teatro Stabile Bolzano – music

1996 theatre “Marco Polo” by and with Marco Paolini, on the occasion of the Drodesera Festival – sound design
1996 theatre “Medea”, di Euripide, direction Marco Bernardi -
Teatro Stabile Bolzan – sound design

1995 dance “Strapiombo”, Compagnia Corte Sconta
sound project
music in collaboration with Enzo Ciotola.

1994 dance “Il Guardiano del coccodrillo”, Compagnia Corte Sconta -
project and sound design

1994 theatre “Hedda Gabler”, di H.Ibsen, direction Marco Bernardi – 
Teatro Stabile Bolzano – music

1993 theatre “La Locandiera” by C. Goldoni, direction Marco Bernardi
 – Teatro Stabile Bolzano – music

1991 theatre “Libertà a Brema”, by R.W. Fassbinder, direction Maro. Bernardi – 
Teatro Stabile Bolzano – music

1991 theatre “I Dialoghi”, di Ruzzante, direction Marco Bernardi – 
Teatro Stabile Bolzano – sound design

1990 theatre “Don Giovanni”, by Molière, direction Marco Bernardi – 
Teatro di Stato di Graz – music

1990 dance “Dante Simphony”, prologue, Compagnia Ballet Theatre
L’Ensemble by Micha Van Hoecke – music and sound design

1989 theatre “La Valle Incantata “ – la Grigia – la Portoghese (R.Musil)
direction Marco Bernardi – Teatro Stabile Bolzano – music

1989 theatre “Anni di Piombo” by M. Von Trotta, direction Marco Bernardi -
Teatro Stabile Bolzano – sound design

1989 theatre “La Rigenerazione”, by Italo Svevo, direction Marco Bernardi -
Teatro Stabile Bolzano, – sound design

1987 video “Ergo Sum” Video, RAI 3 production – music